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Art Prints

My photos received a lot of love after the release of my books and a few exhibition that I made. So I have decided to sell printed photos 🙂

Art Wall Kyoto

The Price

The price is extremely simple.

80 EUR + Shipping Fee
No Signature.

120 EUR + Shipping Fee
With Signature.

The photo is printed by Fujifilm in Tokyo and sent by me.

The Photos

This is a personal selection of my photos. You can also see much wider selections of my photos on this website: (especially check my selections in Japan and Haikyo).

abandoned, by-dreamy, gunkanjima, haikyo, japan, japanese, kyushu, nagasaki, on-sale, ruin, urban exploration, urbex
Gunkanjima: The Chair
Nara Dreamland, abandoned, amusement park, attraction park, haikyo, japan, japanese, kansai, nara, ruin, theme park, urban exploration, urbex
Swamp Coaster
Shitamachi Vibes
Shitamachi Vibes

chubu, izu peninsula, japan, japanese, shizuoka
Nippon Playatori
Le Chemin des Bambous
Le Chemin des Bambous
autumn, hyogo, japan, japanese, kansai, kyoto, natural, nature

Okochi Sanso
Okochi Sanso
abandoned, amusement-park, asia, attraction-park, haikyo, japan, japanese, kansai, nara, ruin, theme-park, urban exploration, urbex
Sunrise Coaster
abandoned, car, chubu, haikyo, japan, japanese, ruin, transport, transportation, urban exploration, urbex, yamanashi
The Frozen Dodge

abandoned, haikyo, hotel, hyogo, japan, japanese, kansai, kobe, ruin, urban exploration, urbex
La Chambre Verte
gunma, japan, japanese, kanto
Skydream Ocean
gunma, japan, japanese, kanto
Hell Moss




Contact me using the contact form. Include your address and the links to the photos you would like to buy. I will come back to you with the total price. Thank you! 🙂



azalea, drone, flower, japan, japanese, kyushu, natural, nature, saga, spring

私は日本在住のフランスの写真家のJordy Meowと申します。私は日本に来たり日本に滞在する外国人のために、風変わりであまり有名でない場所の情報を見つけたりシェアしたいと思っています。私は書籍を出版したこともございますし、現在は綺麗なガイドブックのシリーズを新たに準備しているところです。